How many people actually know the facts about Marijuana?

Question by Hoots: How many people actually know the facts about Marijuana?
It seems a lot of people on here are against drugs (which is perfectly fine, everyone is entitles to their own opinion on the subject). However, I see a lot completly blantantly wrong information on the subject that really makes me sick. Such as it being a gateway drug (it’s not, alcohol is), it being harmful to health (aside from the act of smoking, its not), saying that it kills braincells (it doesn’t, although it does change brainwave patterns while intoxicated to encourage left brain activities, while decreasing right brain activities). I’m just curious if people have actually read legitemit (sp?) scientific studies on the subject and are educated in it’s effects on the body, not just listened to propaganda that has no basis in fact. Honestly, the only opinion I can usually agree on is that people shouldn’t start smoking it young, or if they aren’t mature to deal with the implications socially and legally that it can imply.

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Answer by Mickey Mouse
It does kill brain cells, it does ruin lungs, and it makes you high quickly, and it could lead to other drugs (that is the big thing right there). Compared to other drugs (acid, coke, ect…) it isn’t as bad, but it leads to other things.

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4 Responses to How many people actually know the facts about Marijuana?

  • KoKo KiTTy says:

    yea did you know it can kill you.
    although everyone is going to thumb me down, people DO DIE from it. they have an allergic reaction to it either because of their own health reasons or because they combine it with something else.
    plus it makes you stupid, it stinks, and if you have to use something to have fun then you don’t know how to live.

  • Dieting Is Retarded says:

    you can get cancer, which is a harm to your health. alcohol could be a gateway drug, and so could marijuana.

  • neonea says:

    it is not only marijuana.
    people have wrong information and picture of plentiful other things…

    most of these judge other consumers by what they had seen in their area.
    many of them think very simply.
    indeed, every consumer may react differently on the consumption.
    also the results often depends on the quantity, lenght of consumption, reasons and other factors.

    it is not that simple.

  • Your Drug Abuse Hotline says:

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